Anders Thomsen Trio

Photo by John Williams

Anders Thomsen is a singer/songwriter based out of Savannah, GA. Thomsen has been performing on and off for more than twenty years, “narrowly escaping success” several times as he puts it. After growing up in Lansing, Michigan, Thomsen lived in New York City and Nashville, before settling down in Savannah. He has released several albums and played in countless honky-tonk bands over the years. One of his most notable bands were the Ex-Husbands, based out of New York City.

In addition to the Anders Thomsen Trio, Thomsen is also a member of Jubal Kane, Damon and the Shitkickers, and Tonto. He also occasionally performs with such bands as Bottles and Cans, the Hitman Blues Band, and the Train Wrecks. He is one of the best guitarists Savannah has ever seen, and is often in high demand. His vocals and humor also add to his commanding stage presence. The Anders Thomsen Trio also features two other very prominent musicians in bassist Eric Dunn of Velvet Caravan, and drummer Josh Safer of Bottles and Cans.

Anders Thomsen Trio:

Anders Thomsen – Guitar, Vocals
Eric Dunn – Bass
Josh Safer – Drums



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