Bero Bero

Formed in 2018, Bero Bero is the synth driven brainchild of Veronica Garcia-Melendez. After years of working as a musical side woman and inspired by her endless saga of mania and dolor, she has returned to penning her own music. The result has been described as Sade meets Kate Bush.

​She and her accomplice, drummer David Murray, met at a practice space known as “the Woodshop” in early 2015. Their instant connection led them to collaborate on a variety of projects. This new venture has allowed them to escape the din and continue to cultivate their ideas.

​Bero Bero calls forth a range of emotions with their catalog, moving from dark, moody trip-hop tracks to energized dance songs. In their live performances, the duo creates a dynamic impression with their interactive percussion work.

​Eager to share their work, the duo has toured the Mid-West up to Minneapolis, MN and along the East Coast, from Miami, FL to Burlington, VT. Bero Bero will release their 3rd EP this upcoming January 2020.

Bero Bero:

Veronica Garcia-Melendez – Keys, Vocals
David Murray – Drums



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