Bottles & Cans

Photo by Ace Andersson

Blues band Bottles and Cans are considered by many to be one of the premiere bands in Savannah. Led by Ray Lundy, the grizzly-voiced and long grey-bearded guitarist, the band is comprised of some of the most respected musicians in Savannah, including Marty Ellis on harp, Nate Saraceno on bass, and Gretsch rep Josh Safer on drums. Some members of the band cut their teeth in the Savannah music scene back in the early 2000’s, including playing with such local heavyweights as Eric Culberson, Hitman, the Train Wrecks, and many others. Although labeled as a blues band, they can easily veer off into country, folk, Americana, rock, and soul. Suffice to say, this band has earned the respect given to them, tenfold.

Bottles & Cans:

Ray Lundy – Guitar, Vocals
Marty Ellis – Harmonica
Nate Saraceno – Bass
Josh Safer – Drums



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