David Harbuck

Rock, Classic Rock, Pop

Photo by Ace Andersson

Harbuck was born in Savannah in 1964. After graduation, Harbuck served six years in the U.S. Navy, even serving aboard the USS Saratoga from 1986-87. After the Navy, Harbuck came back to Savannah and started fronting bands as a lead singer and rythym guitar player from 1989 to 1992. During those years Harbuck played venues such as Blind Willie’s in Statesboro and aboard the Savannah River Queen paddle wheel gambling boat.

Harbuck has played large stages like the Savannah Beer Festival under the Hyatt Regency, and on college campuses like the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). He also played the Country Club at Oxford MS for six months. One night after finishing the Savannah River Queen gig, Harbuck wandered into the Bayou Cafe where the owner asked him to take his guitar and entertain the crowd while the band had a break. Harbuck has played off and on at the Bayou ever since.

A veteran of both the Savannah, GA water front and the Beaufort, SC water front bars, Harbuck has entertained crowds with a mix of Country, Pop, R&B, 60/70s rock, acoustic light rock, and folk music since 1989. He does not use music stands or computers, all songs and material are in his head. He has always believed it unprofessional to use lyrics sheets and lyrics or computer screens.

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