Free Spirits

The Free Spirits Orchestra takes musical styles from all over the world and brings them together, making a FSO show, a trip around the world! From the Rock music of Led Zeppelin to an Argentine Tango! AC/DC to Gypsy Jazz! Michael Jackson to an Irish Jig! WilIie Nelson and Ray Charles Americana to Russian love songs! Alternative hits of Radiohead and The Cure to south of the border Mexican mariachi! Guns & Roses to Latin Salsa! Coldplay to a French number where you feel you are in a cafe in Paris! Come on Eileen to a Mid-Eastern tune where you can see the camels walking thru the desert, thru your minds eye! If you think our Charlie Daniels fiddle songs are good wait till you hear the traditional songs of Kazakhstan! Not only is the music style eclectic… but so it the way the music is made!!!

The Free Spirits Orchestra is a trio of two violins and percussion! Beautiful twin sisters, Aiman and Sholpan play violins! The girls were born and raised in Almaty, Kazakhstan ( a former state of the U.S.S.R ). The girls entered Republic Music School where they started violin training at 7 years of age. Then it was off to Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory until graduation at twenty-four years of age. After conservatory, each earned first chair violin positions with the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of Kazakhstan, where they toured the world several times. While not touring the world with the Symphony, the girls played as a duo that was very popular throughout their country. The duo played restaurants, casinos, conventions and was booked and played for the President of Kazakhstan, a very cool honor…. ( They are Rock Stars in their home country! ) !!!! Percussion is played by Butch. Butch is not nearly as pretty as the girls but holds his own. Born and raised in Georgia ( U.S.A ), he got a very early start in music. Forming groups with relatives and friends, they played birthday parties, school recesses and assemblies, Easter egg hunts, family reunions…any place people had to listen! As a freshman in high school, Butch’s band ”Jorja” recorded a single that went on to be a major regional hit! Butch played his way thru college and toured nationally and internationally with his band ”Positions” and other groups. Of the 15 collectible vintage drum kits Butch has, he prefers to use his ”hobo” drumkit with FSO… a kit he designed and built himself! Eclectic!

FSO met one night while the girls were out celebrating their birthday! Aiman was visiting Sholpan and her family in the U.S. from Kazakhstan. The girls happened into a night club where Butch was playing, in Savannah, Ga. The three met, talked music, and started planning for their future! The concept of violin with percussion was an odd idea…but after a few weeks of rehearsals…it became a Great idea!!! Eclectic!

Free Spirits:

Sholpan Beibitbayeva – Violin, Guitar
Aiman Beibitbayeva – Violin, Guitar
Butch Braddy – Percussion, Emcee



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