Gary Strickland

Gary Strickland was born in Hinesville, Georgia in 1963 and currently lives in Savannah. Gary’s musical and performing experience is a varied as the number of instruments he brings to the stage. An accomplished actor and professional clown, while he was the director at the historic Savannah Theater, Gary held the coveted title of Ronald McDonald in the Southeast in the mid-eighties. During this time he was a prominent jazz musician on the local Savannah music scene playing with local icons such as Teddy Adams, Chris Chandler and the late Ben Tucker. During the eighties it would not have been a surprise to catch Gary narrating the Young People’s Guide to the Orchestra or Peter and the Wolf with The Savannah Symphony. Gary has written an impressive collection of musicals and performances for a family audience as well as self published several children’s books over the years.

He spent the next decade in Atlanta working with local blues and jazz musicians; touring as far as Switzerland with the Atlanta based band Mudcat and sharing the stage with music legends such as Frank Edwards, Buddy Guy and others. He was also the front man of the Decatur based band Jungle Jim and the Swing sets. Along with the music, he taught theater and comedy improv through The Alliance Theater Company as well as performing children’s theater at The Punch Line and Comic Cafe comedy clubs. Studio sessions included blues, jazz and even alternative rock with The Indigo Girls.

The turn of the century brought Gary back to Savannah where he currently leads the music and worship and The Sycamore Church. The 21st century saw the formation of The Fisheyed Fools, a Contemporary Christian band playing youth/family events and concerts throughout the Southeast along with artists like Jesse Manibusan, Matt Maher, Steve Angrisano and Chris Muglia.

Currently, he can be found most Friday nights at Tijuana Flats Tex-Mex restaurant in Savannah.

Whether with a full band, solo, or solo with a few friends dropping by, Gary’s performances are always entertaining, family friendly and full of Southern charm.



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