In for a Penny

Irish punk band In for a Penny formed a few weeks before Saint Paddy’s Day in 2015. Sean McNally (vocals/mandolin) recruited Henny “da butcha” (drums) and Jeremy Riddle (guitar/vocals) to take the solo act to a full band. The trio spent the next 18 months carving out a corner of the Savannah music scene dominated by Americana/alt country and trash punk. The recent departure of Bryce McNally (bass/vocals) who was with the band for a year, forays into nearby regional markets of Atlanta, Myrtle Beach and Jacksonville and the release of the DIY, self produced One More Last Hurrah finds the band at a crossroads and your guess is as good as ours where it goes from here. One thing is certain… it’s gonna be rowdy!

The Irish landed in Savannah in 1734. It took 281 years for an Irish band to pop up… but we’re here now!

Savannah Irish Music seems like a no brainer, what with Savannah’s deep Irish heritage. We’ve got one of the largest St Paddy’s Day celebrations in the world for cryin’ out loud. But try to go out on any given night and find some good rowdy live Irish music… you’re out of luck. Until now.

Mandolin player and vocalist, Sean McNally, picked up the instrument in early 2014, after taking nearly a decade away from music. Just a few open mic performances reminded him of why he used to enjoy it. These quirky, energetic shows lead quickly to a regular Monday night slot at The Sand Bar on Tybee, which has been dubbed “Monday Mandolin Mayhem.” During an extended open mic set, a Dropkick Murphy’s request was tossed up and the response of the room to a stripped down mandolin and vocal version convinced him that a band was the next step.

One of the first people Sean met after moving to Tybee in December of 2011, Henny “da butcha” had become a regular addition to the extended open mic sets, learning the ins and outs of some of the stranger time signatures as well as the dynamic breaks. Henny was the obvious choice to tap for the percussion duties, and official Black Irish member of the band.

The task of finding the right guitar player was up next. A quick post on a Savannah Musicians Facebook page resulted in a contact from Jeremy Riddle, who’s rowdy performances were well known by Sean, having had the opportunity to join him on a few occasions with backing harmonies and mandolin. After the first quick run through of songs with Jeremy, the same easy going off the cuff dynamic existed.

The band is now ramping up for a St Paddy’s Day 2015 debut with at least half a dozen shows over the long holiday weekend. If you’re looking for Savannah Irish Music with a healthy dose of rowdy energy, your search has ended. In For A Penny is happening!

In for a Penny:

Sean McNally – Mandolin & Vocals
Jeremy Riddle – Guitar & Vocals
Henny Da Butcha – Drums



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