Jack Love Band

Singer/Songwriter Jack Love is a small town boy from Ellabell, Ga. His smooth and powerful vocals compliment his finely crafted songs and combine to tell the stories he has lived in his life. When combined with the professional musicians joining him, The Jack Love Band becomes a country music “force to reckon with”.

Jack began his musical journey learning the guitar with his Father and Grandfather at the age of five. They inspired him with classic country and gospel music and later, Jack took these influences in his own direction. He started writing songs while overseas on a military tour and after, while he was an “over the road” truck driver. Being away from his daughters gave him a new outlook on life, so he began to use this experience to tell a story in his music. He has previously recorded a solo album in Nashville and the current release with The Jack Love Band entitled “Treading Water” is available now.

Drums/Vocals – Austin Campbell, originally from Charleston, S.C. began music at age eleven with the oboe. By the time Austin was thirteen, he realized playing an oboe while marching with his school band was difficult, so he transitioned into percussion. Austin quickly fell in love with drums and found inspiration from everyday sounds. “For me, as a percussionist, inspiration is everywhere. Everything has a unique sound and rhythm, from a car passing by to a dripping faucet. I try to not only appreciate every form of music, but also every sound I hear”- Austin Campbell. He has been in Statesboro, GA for the last eight years and is well known for his precision and clean, off tempo hits. Austin’s unique style adds a wide range of dramatics to their music, that make you feel the emotion in their music.

Guitars/Vocals – Chris Cranton was born in Biloxi Mississippi and grew up just north of Tulsa Oklahoma. He has played in various bands in Oklahoma and Kansas where he has played with various artist such as Dr. Hook, Lori Morgan and David Allen Coe just to name a few. In 1992, he was in the Nashville scene where Gary Morris worked with him at a song writing school. Chris moved to the Savannah, Georgia area in 2004 where he has enjoyed some time off while raising six children with his wife and now, has two sons in law as well as two grandchildren. Chris started playing guitar at five years old and is one of the most talented lead players in the area. His style is very clean, precise and his lead licks definitely get the point across without being over-bearing. Chris also sings and has a great ear for harmony.

Jack Love Band:

Jack Love – Vocals
Austin Campbell – Drums
Chris Cranton – Guitar
Ron Marquardt – Bass
Hank Miller – Keyboard



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