Levi Moore


Levi Moore is an Award-winning singer/songwriter out of Savannah, GA. He writes what he feels and sings from the heart, taking notes from country legends like Alan Jackson and Waylon Jennings, but also influenced early on by the great songwriters of lore, like Gordon Lightfoot and Jim Croce.

While having always craved the presence of music, he began creating music late, teaching himself to play guitar in the second half of his five-year college career, using music as a balance between football practice and midterm exams. Having been a storyteller and writer since elementary school, songwriting was a natural progression.

Performing started slowly, playing on tailgates and at parties, in true country style, which lead to open mics, and then to gigging on the weekends for local bars. After college and a year of performing on the weekends, and ranching between gigs, a change was nigh. Moore moved to Arkansas and began working as a Snubber in the oilfields. Music took a backseat to the long, exhausting days, limiting Moore to writing on his days off and performing three songs, once a week at an open mic, forty miles away, in Little Rock.

After three years, Moore left the oilfield to become a full-time musician, moving to Savannah, GA and plunging headlong into the coastal fray. Now, he travels the coast, preparing to move into his third successful year. After having been nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year in Modern Country at the 2017 Josie Show Awards, Moore is diligently working at his craft, gigging throughout the week, writing more than ever, and preparing to cut and release his first album.


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