Nancy Druid

Nancy Druid is a rock band from Savannah, Georgia. Grown from the solo songwriting of Anna Chandler (COEDS, Lovely Locks), the project fuses pop hooks with brooding grit, emotional builds, and layered synths and guitar riffs, turning solo bedroom dance parties into an explosive, immersive stage show. Embracing a love for ’80s avant-pop a la Kate Bush with Cyndi Lauper-sized melodies, Nancy Druid’s members hold roots in punk and indie rock, as evidenced on the band’s Connect Savannah-christened “adventurous and brilliant” debut EP, released in September 2018. The band is set to release a 7″ split single, among other recordings, in 2019.

Nancy Druid:

Anna Chandler – Guitar, Vocals
Greg Rettig – Guitar, Vocals
Peterson Worrell – Bass
Jeremy Hammons – Drums



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