Nate Saraceno

Blues, Alternative, Indie, Pop

Nate Saraceno grew up in the Boston area, landing his first gig at the age of 7 playing piano in a made-for-TV Christmas special. He later took up the guitar, and in 1998 moved to Savannah to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design. During his time at SCAD Nate and a few friends formed an adventurous jam band called Pretty Shady Chicken, and started playing bar gigs and parties around town. Pretty Shady Chicken would sometimes perform inside a large undulating parachute, would play very few pre-composed songs, and at times included a freestyle rapper.

After graduating from SCAD with a BFA in Computer Art, Nate took up the bass, playing gigs with various local blues bands, and in 2004 joined the Eric Culberson Band, which would turn into eight years of touring the east coast and Midwest, performing at various Jazz and blues festivals around the country, including the Savannah Music Festival, and recording one album.

In 2011 he started an environmentally friendly lawn care business, Savannah Eco Mowing, which is still only lawn care service in Savannah to use battery-powered equipment charged with solar power. Around the same time he began a collaboration with Danielle Hicks in Danielle Hicks And The Eight Ohm Resistance, with whom he continues to play guitar and bass, layering instruments with a looper pedal.

Nate has just released his first solo album in 2015, Splendid and Insidious, which was written and recorded over 8 years or so between gigs in his home studio. Nate plays most of the instruments on the album, and actually traded lawn mowing for drumming and mixing by fellow musician Ira Miller to complete the project. Nate continues to write songs and is planning another studio album, while playing both solo gigs and with the Eight Ohm Resistance.

Saraceno recently released his second studio album entitled Meylah Hinta.

Nate Saraceno currently performs with Bottles and Cans and Jon Lee Murphy.


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