The Magic Rocks

Photo by Ace Andersson

The Magic Rocks is a Savannah cover band formed by three longtime friends and local music scene veterans – drummer Jim Reed, bassist Ronny Kersey, and guitarist Craig Johansen, who also plays with Thomas Claxton as well.

The band plays an unusually wide variety of Classic Rock & Roll, Alternative Rock, Blues, Pop, “Golden-Age” Country and Vintage Soul. In that respect, they’re similar to The 8-Tracks, another well-known party band which all three Magic Rocks are also members of.

However, that highly respected and popular four-piece group (which proudly includes singing keyboardist/guitarist Jason Anderson) concentrates primarily on playing private events and outdoor festivals. The Magic Rocks are a roadhouse bar band, pure and simple – albeit noticeably more eclectic and versatile than most.

While they share some of their repertoire with The 8-Tracks, The Magic Rocks are a stripped-down, guitar-heavy power trio in the classic sense, and their set lists reflect this difference, adding dozens of rarely-heard, crowd-pleasing tunes that hit noticeably harder than much of The 8-Tracks’ more groove-oriented material – all played with the kind of raw, loose and swaggering attitude that can only come from a group that’s extremely comfortable making music together.

The Magic Rocks:

Craig Johansen – Guitar, Vocals
Ronny Kersey – Bass, Vocals
Jim Reed – Drums, Cymbals, Vocals



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