The Woofs

Funk, Psychedelic, Progressive, Rock

The Woofs bring THE PSYCHEDELIC FUNK! When the Woofpack was formed in 2017 by Special Agent Cody Martin (Vocals/ Keys), Mighty Morphin’ Mike Andrews (Drums), and The Funk Dr Alex Stone (Bass/ Vocals) a new sound was born that at times can be as much unique as it is familiar. Sounding like something between P-Funk and a Grateful Dead trip, The Woofs have been blazing a trail of jams up the Atlantic coast from their Middle GA roots and gaining rave reviews at every new stop on the road! Following the release of their sophomore EP “SUBWOOFER”, the group was joined by Sweet Baby Josh Brown on left handed jazz master guitar and The Woofs continue to howl out improvised and totally unique performances so that no two nights are ever the same!

The Woofs:

Alex Stone – Bass, Vocals
Cody Martin – Guitar, Keys, Lead Vocals
Josh Brown – Guitar, Vocals
Michael Andrews – Drums, Vocals


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