Voodoo Soup

Funk, R&B, Soul, Rock, Classic Rock

Photo by Sarah Dooley

Lead by legendary bass man Eric (Big E) Moore, Voodoo Soup oozes with funk, jazz, soul, and classic rock sounds, rhythms, and melodies. Big E is as funky as they come on bass, and with the addition of James Lee Smith, the extremely talented and versatile lead guitarist, Voodoo ascends to the next level of musical notoriety. The band often switches back and forth on drums with Jermaine Baker and Jon Proffitt, two journeyman drummers who have played with a number of local bands over the years.

Voodoo Soup:

Eric Moore – Bass, Vocals
James Lee Smith – Guitar, Vocals
Jon Proffitt – Drums
Jermaine Baker – Drums
Jimmy Charles – Drums