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Go Back

Jon Lee and the Hextones

Go Back by Jon Lee and the Hextones
Go Back by Jon Lee and the Hextones

Go Back, by Jon Lee and the Hextones, features heavy guitar with an even mix of blues, rock, and melodic soul. The drums hold down a solid groove and leave plenty of room for the other instruments. The bass work is melodic and catchy and often plays off of the vocal melody. The guitars are tasteful and work well panned hard right and left for most tracks.

Standout tracks include “Slovannah” and “Drift.”


Jon Lee Murphy – Guitar, Vocals
Shane Baldwin – Guitar
Brian Haynes – Drums
Jon Willis – Bass
Jared Hall – Keys


Recorded by Shane Baldwin at Elevated Basement studios and at his home studio.
Lyrics and melodies by Jon Lee Murphy.
Song structures by the band.

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