Artists Share Embarrassing Moments While Performing

Forgetting lyrics or falling off stage, either one flippin' sucks.

We’ve all had embarrassing moments in our lives, but an embarrassing moment on stage is a whole other thing. Imagine having a room full of people starring at you as you forget the lyrics to your own song or trip over your own amp cord.

Start flipping now to reveal these artists embarrassing moments …

1. Really?

I once let someone get up on stage with me for a song he convinced me he could sing. About halfway through his first verse I had to stop him and ask him to sit down. It was a train wreck.
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Josh Johansson

2. Limbo

One time my mic stand started dropping and I’m doing limbo trying to sing as it sinks lower. So I run to Pat's mic, he lowers it, and I finish the song. Never missed a beat!
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CC Witt of Lyn Avenue

3. MacGyver

I once had to tape a mic to a cymbal stand because I forgot a mic stand ... I also once had my bassist make a guitar strap for me out of duct tape.
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Jon Lee Murphy of Jon Lee and the Hextones/Apparitions

4. Crackheads

A crack head once stole my tip jar and ran off. Later, a friend at another bar spotted her yelling at an empty chair until the police hauled her off. After my performance, the audience tipped me well and replaced what was stolen.
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Greg Williams

5. Wake up!

Being a new father, I once fell asleep for a few seconds and lost my place in a song while performing.
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James Lee Smith of Voodoo Soup and the Band AMAR.

6. Crickets ...

We once opened for a band who I wasn’t familiar with. Our set ended, I thanked the audience and told them to stick around for the next band, but said the band's name wrong. Luckily they weren't there yet to hear it.
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Wade Holmes of Wood and Steel


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