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The final step to joining the Savannah Jams family!

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Build Listing

Turn lurkers into customers!

After joining Savannah Jams, remember that the more complete your Listing, the more questions it answers and the more trust it establishes. Don’t let an incomplete Listing be the reason someone passes you by.

NOTE: We may have already entered basic info for your business, so please scroll through each section and double check to make sure everything is correct.

Step 6

Reach Further

Leverage our platform to its fullest to save money and reach more customers.

Get more eyes on your Listing by boosting them with a higher priority in search, additional placement throughout our platform, and special designation badging.

Get even more coverage with 10 second pre-roll video ads. Our site has over a hundred videos for lots of advertising opportunities.

We offer over a dozen banner ad locations on over a 1000 pages on our platform. Choose a rotation spot or pay for a whole location.

Have a new menu item? Launching some new merch? Or maybe you just want some more exposure?

Sponsor a post and we will write a blog post about your new or existing endeavor.

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