Best Moments Performing

Discover the moments that had these artists flippin' out in a good way.

Imagine having a room full of people, or an arena of screaming fans, all starstruck at you or your band, as you experience your best moment ever while performing. Whether that includes an amazing rendition of a song, or you turning a vicious crowd into admirers, each could be just as satisfying.

Scroll down now to reveal these artists best moments …

1. Dope KNife

“I opened for Curren$y in Atlanta and the crowd was hostile towards all opening acts. So, I did an antagonistic set like a pro wrestling bad guy, and they ate it up. It set the tone for what I’ve been doing musically since.”Dope KNife

2. Timothy Eightay

“One of the things I enjoy most is when my kid joins me on stage. I’ll always be a proud papa before being a proud musician and those moments with my kid hit that spot, and make the sacrifice that we make as musicians worth it!”Timothy Eightay of At Sundown

3. Ray Tomasino

“We opened for the Danny Joe Brown Band, just after he left Molly Hatchet. After the show, he said he heard we do some of his songs, then asked us to play some. We did, and he loved us! At the time, we were a garage band with a lot of high hopes, so it meant a lot to us.”Ray Tomasino of High Velocity

4. Laiken Love

“My band played the Casimir Lounge at the Mansion. Before our last song, I heard some commotion and then Matthew McConaughey and his wife appeared on the dance floor! After the show we all chatted and took pics. I was on such a high that it didn’t hit me until later. “Laiken Love

5. Brian Bazemore

“Many great moments playing bass with Lovely-Locks … From random Open-Mics to the five of us crammed under a tent for a wedding in the rain, to packing out the Jinx and Hangfire. Getting to share the stage with Britt, Anna, Crystina, and Tom was Magical Fire!”Brian Bazemore

6. Marc Chesanow

“I have many memorable moments in my 30+ year performing career, but lately what stands out was the release event of the Eric Jones Trio recording of “Azubuike”. The group was truly fired up to perform music that had never before been performed live.”Marc Chesanow

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