INSIGHTS: Eric Britt

John Coltrane, frat parties, and happy keys

Eric Britt has been around the block a time or two. He fronted indie band Hazel Virtue, performed in countless Savannah venues, formed American Hologram with Britt Scott and Craig Tanner, and released one of the best local albums in recent memory with Greener. As a result, he’s aquired plenty of personal and professional expereinces, some of which he was nice enough to share with us. Here, he talks about being from the same town as John Coltrane, his first professional gig at a frat house, his favorite “happy” key, and much more.

1. Where are you from?

I am originally from the most boring city in the United States, High Point NC! Home to the greatest jazz musician to every hold a sax, John Coltrane. I got here on a bus.

2. Favorite performances by other Savannah Artists …

American Hologram played a gig with City Hotel a few years back at Eddie Owen’s Red Clay Theatre in Atlanta. Those guys always play so well together, but that night they were especially amazing.

3. If you could play anywhere in Savannah, no matter how crazy, where would it be?

If I could play anywhere in Savannah, it would be the Lucas Theatre. I’d play once a year at a modest ticket price like someone who has actually hit the big time. This is a rock and roll fantasy because you asked. In reality, I play anywhere 300 days a year. I don’t complain, my kids have everything they need because of it. I am grateful.

4. Describe your first performance …

My first professional gig was at the Beta House in Chapel Hill NC when I was 16. I had a cover band with my close buds, and I was the 3rd singer as they had fired the others. These dudes were so good at their instruments! They were good at band names too, ours was the Heat Seekers!

5. Craziest performance you ever had …

My favorite musical performance was way back in 97! In my 20’s I had a band called hazel virtue and we worked pretty hard at the whole “making it commercially” thing. That year we played Music Midtown and were sandwiched in between Kelly Hogan and Cowboy Mouth. Got to play in front of so many people it was so freaking wild! Our drummer Kevin Gray came onto stage nude and before we even starting playing he approached the mic and said “I bet that makes you horny doesn’t it baby!” Yeah, that was wild and it was a rock and roll moment I will never forget.

6. Favorite key to play in?

My favorite key to play in is G, because it is happy. I need to be reminded at times.

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