Category: Interviews

Informative and entertaining interviews with some of Savannah’s best artists, musicians, producers, managers owners, and personalities.

Feb 25
Stan Ray – Interview

Ed Sullivan, Columbia House, and MTV

Feb 18
Payne Bridges – Interview

Jam Sessions, June Carter, and Abe's on Lincoln

Feb 11
Veronica Garcia-Melendez – Interview

Live Loops, Craigslist, and Club One

Dec 17
Charles Maring – Interview

Steely Dan, Painting, and Human Connection

Dec 10
Markus Kuhlmann – Interview

Casey Kasem, Wilco, and Death Metal

Dec 03
Cyril Durant – Interview

Marvin Gaye, St. Patrick's Day, and Residual Income

Nov 26
Danny Moon – Interview

Billy Joel, Toasted Barrel, and Christmas Albums

Nov 19
Sophie Brochu – Interview

John Frusciante, Victory North, and Outlaw Country

Nov 12
Dope KNife – Interview

El Rocko, Ice-T, and Mixtapes

Nov 05
Ray Lundy – Interview

John Lee Hooker, Las Vegas, and a Nudist Colony

Oct 29
Jane Ogle – Interview

Stevie Nicks, Keyboards, and Listening Rooms

Oct 22
Chris Desa – Interview

James Taylor, Folk Music, and Merchant Marines

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