Category: Interviews

Oct 13
Kevin Rose

John Coltrane, Fishing Charters, and NPR

Oct 06
Larry Duff

Yakety Yak, Cruise Ships, and Motown Sound

Sep 22
Brady Adams

The Smurfs, RV's, and Elvis

Sep 08
Mary Kenyon

Karaoke, Rooftops, and California

Sep 01
Jason Bible

Elvira, Quarantine, and Audio Books

Mar 10
Harry O’Donoghue

Hollywood Musicals, the Beatles, and Cruises

Mar 03
Craig Johansen

Kiss, 8-Tracks, and HBO

Feb 25
Marc Chesanow

Burt Bacharach, Trombones, and Alaska

Feb 18
Laiken Love

Sesame Street, Adele, and Political Science

Feb 11
Xulu Jones

The Bronx, Parliament, and SEO

Feb 04
Jon Proffitt

Buddy Rich, Brownstones, and Podcasts

Jan 28
Jim Reed

The Pixies, Obscure Films, and Touring