Category: Interviews

Informative and entertaining interviews with some of Savannah’s best artists, musicians, producers, managers owners, and personalities.

Oct 15
Shena Verrett – Interview

Red Hot Chili Peppers, NYC, and Rock & Roll

Oct 08
Ryan Taito – Interview

Black Keys, the Rail, and Riffs

Oct 01
Ro Lafaye – Interview

Tina Turner, Karaoke, and the Army

Sep 24
Norton Lucas – Interview

Germany, Country Songs, and the Wormhole

Sep 17
Logan Thomas – Interview

Metallica, Los Angeles, and Guitar Hero

Sep 10
Eric Jones – Interview

Purple Rain, Mozart, and Jazz

Mar 19
Kirk Joiner – Interview

MTV, Food Trucks, and Carpentry

Mar 05
Tim 8a – Interview

The Wild West, River Street, and Craigslist

Feb 19
Michael Corbett & Colleen Settle – Interview

Fiddles, Festivals, and Irish Ballads

Feb 05
Calli Joiner – Interview

The Wiz, Dolly Parton, and Australia

Jan 22
Eric Daubert – Interview

Boomboxes, Hendrix, and Huc-A-Poos

Jan 08
Matthew Jaidev Duplessie – Interview

The Bahamas, Céline Dion, and Yoga

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