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Wittney Lynn Returns to Oak 36!

Wittney Lynn Returns to Oak 36!

CC Witt of Savannah country band Lyn Avenue unleashes her alter ego!

Mark your calendars for a night of musical mayhem as Wittney Lynn returns to Oak 36 for an electrifying performance on Saturday, March 30, 2024, from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Renowned as the lead singer and founder of the popular Savannah country band, Lyn Avenue, CC Witt is set to unleash her alter ego, Wittney Lynn, for one night only at Oak 36. And in a surprising twist, there’ll be no cowboy boots or country music in sight. Yes, you read that correctly!

So, what can you expect from Wittney Lynn? Prepare to sing along to all your favorite pop, emo, and rock songs, as Wittney takes the stage to deliver a show unlike any other. From Paramore to classic rock anthems, Wittney promises to keep you on your feet and rocking out all night long.

But where did the idea for Wittney Lynn come from? According to CC Witt herself, it all started as a joke between her and Brad Sellars, the owner of Oak 36. “He wanted to see a CC gone wild type show where I play some crazy stuff like Metallica and the Beastie Boys for April Fools,” Witt explains. And thus, Wittney Lynn was born, albeit with a slightly different repertoire than initially envisioned.

Oak 36 in Midtown Savannah, Georgia

Oak 36 holds a special significance for Wittney Lynn, as it’s where she played her first show two years ago for April Fools. Initially intended as a one-time gig, Wittney Lynn’s return promises to be a night to remember.

But what sets CC Witt apart from her alter ego, Wittney Lynn? “I try really hard not to say ‘y’all’,” Witt jokes, highlighting the subtle differences between the two personas.

While fans may be eager for a Wittney Lynn album, CC Witt assures us that it’s unlikely to happen. “Wittney Lynn is purely something I did for fun and to challenge myself,” she explains, emphasizing the creative freedom and enjoyment she derives from the alter ego.

And as for other alter egos? “I think just the one is plenty!” CC Witt quips, leaving fans to anticipate the next Wittney Lynn performance.

But how have CC Witt’s bandmates reacted to Wittney Lynn? “The guys love it,” she reveals. “We played as a full band for St. Patrick’s Day. They’ve enjoyed the change of genre for a minute. I know I have!”

Delving into her musical roots, CC Witt reminisces about Lyn Avenue’s origins as a punk band before transitioning to country. “Lyn Avenue’s first existence was in the basements of the old Sweet Melissa’s, where they had punk/hardcore shows every weekend,” she recalls. “It’s been really fun to revisit that old piece of myself that I left behind.”

So, if you’re ready to rock out to your favorite hits from pop, emo, and rock genres, head down to Oak 36 on March 30th for a night of unforgettable music with Wittney Lynn. It’s a show you won’t want to miss!

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