QUIZ: Anders Thomsen

How well do you actually know this guitar master?

Photo by Ace Andersson

Few musicians have captivated Savannah the way Anders Thomsen has. Since settling down in Savannah, Anders has earned a reputation for being one of the most electrifying guitarists and performers this town has ever seen. Anders keeps busy around town with a number of bands, and a number of hobbies as well. Anders has been around the block once or twice and certainly has some stories to tell!

So, how well do you actually know Anders?

1. Anders is from ...

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2. His first gig happened at ...

Photo by John Williams
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3. In NYC, he was a member of ...

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4. He once lived ...

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5. He also ...

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6. He eats ...

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7. He drinks ...

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8. He's also in ...

Photo by John Williams

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9. The Anders Thomsen Trio is ...

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10. His first band was ...

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Anders Thomsen

You don't know Anders that well at all!

You've probably heard his name and seen him play once, but that's as close as you're gonna get to calling him a friend.

Anders might be an acquaintance of yours ...

So, Anders knows your name and you've shaken hands. Throw some more money in the tip jar and he might open up ...

Anders is your best friend!

You and Anders are best buds, congrats! You go to all his gigs and hang out in-between sets, good for you.

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