QUIZ: Ben Tucker

How well do you know the legendary jazz bassist?

Ben Tucker was an extraordinary man, and one hell of a jazz musician. He accomplished many things in his life, such as serving his country, writing hit records, and serving on performing arts committees. We offer this quiz to look back on his amazing life in celebration of what would have been his 89th birthday.

So, how well do you actually know Ben?

1. Where is Ben from?

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2. Where did Ben attend college?

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3. Ben served in ...

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4. Ben played on albums by ...

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5. In 1961 he wrote the instrumental part of a song, which later became a hit for ...

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6. Name of Ben's album, released in 1963 ...

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7. In 1979 he was appointed to the Advisory Committee of ...

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8. What did Ben own in Savannah?

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9. Ben was an avid ...

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10. The Ben Tucker Theater is located ...

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Ben Tucker

You don't know Ben that well at all ...

Seriously? The man in a jazz legend! Take the rest of the afternoon off, and get yourself right ...

You know a little about Ben ...

Okay, so you did some research and listened to some of Ben's old records. Try again ...

You're a Ben Tucker super fan!

You fully appreciate what this man did for jazz and what he meant to the Savannah area. Congrats!

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