QUIZ: Bottles & Cans

How well do you actually know this veteran Savannah blues band?

Bottles & cans are one of Savannah’s oldest and most respected bands. Comprised of members who cut their teeth in the Savannah music scene with multiple well known musicians, Bottles & Cans have withstood the test of time and just keep getting better and better.

So, how well do you actually know Bottles & Cans?

1. Who's from Vegas?

Photo by Don Teuton
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2. Got their name ...

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3. Musical influences ...

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4. He was in the Army?

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5. Once roommates ...

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6. They've released ...

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7. A Red Sox fan?

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8. Album released on ...

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9. A big Falcons fan?

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10. Name of album?

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Bottles & Cans

You don't know the band that well at all!

What was that? Under three questions right? Hehe, try again ...

You might be an acquaintance of the band ...

These guys might know you if they saw you on the street. Try tossin' another dollar in the tip jar ...

You're totally a band groupie!

You must be best friends with Bottles n' Cans, congrats! You've earned a thumbs up.

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