QUIZ: Emma Kelly

How well do you actually know the late world famous pianist?

Emma Kelly played for dignitaries, celebrities, and anyone who would listen, all over the world. Though claimed by Savannah, her heart always remained home with her family.

So, how well do you actually know Emma?

1. Emma is from?

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2. She started playing piano as early as what age?

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3. During World War II, she began playing for USO events where?

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4. Emma and her husband George had how many children?

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5. She received an honorary doctorate degree from which university?

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6. Johnny Mercer called her the lady of how many songs?

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7. She was featured in which famous Savannah movie?

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8. Which celebrity once sat next to Emma at the piano?

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9. She was how old when she appeared in the Midnight movie?

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10. Where is Emma buried?

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Emma Kelly

You don't know Emma that well at all ...

Come on, you can do better than that. There's this thing called Google you know ...

You know a little about Emma ...

Okay, so you did some research and you read the Midnight book and saw the movie ...

You're an Emma Kelly super fan!

You know just as many songs as Emma does, and can hum right along as she plays them. Congrats!

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