QUIZ: Greg Williams

How well do you actually know this well-traveled singer-songwriter?

Photo by Geoff L Johnson

Greg Williams is certainly one of Savannah’s most unique and recognizable musicians. He has recorded six albums, performed all over the world, yet you can probably find him at a corner table every other night down at the Bayou Cafe on River Street.

So, how well do you actually know Greg?

1. Greg is from ...

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2. His first influence ...

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3. His first gig was ...

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4. He loves to eat ...

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5. He once married ...

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6. Other influences include ...

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7. His daughter's unique gift ...

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8. He wrote a book called ...

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9. He was signed to ...

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10. He loves to ...

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Greg Williams

You don't know Greg that well at all!

So you chatted with Greg by now, maybe even shared a laugh with him. Throw a few dollars in the tip jar and he might open up more ...

Greg might be an acquaintance of yours ...

We're guessing you've probably hung out with Greg a time or two,. You may not now everything about him, but you probably know him better than some.

You must be best friends with Greg!

You must be really good friends with Greg, or at least hung out with him quite a bit. Maybe there's something about him we didn't know that you can tell us!

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