QUIZ: Hitman

How well do you actually know this infamous blues man?

Photo by Ace Andersson

You’ve probably seen him perform once or twice, hopefully shared a shot with him, and definitely heard some stories! Brett Barnard, aka Hitman, is one of Savannah’s most talented and infamous musicians. Well known for his scorching guitar skills, showmanship, and joking personality, the Hitman definitely knows how to have a great time.

So, how well do you actually know Hitman?

1. Hitman is from ...

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2. He loved these subjects ...

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3. He served in ...

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4. He eats ...

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5. He drinks ...

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6. He watches ...

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7. He once was ...

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8. His influences ...

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9. His guitar's name ...

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10. He plays every Tue and Thr ...

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You don't know Hitman that well at all!

As Hitman often says ... "What kind of rigamero is this?" ... This man is a Savannah legend, you need to get out more.

Hitman might be an acquaintance of yours ...

You might have said hello once or twice, but that's about it. Throw some more money in the tip jar and Hitman might open up to you.

You must be Hitman's best friend!

You know Hitman very well, congrats! You've probably seen him do cool tricks like this many times!

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