QUIZ: Eric Dunn

Get to know the Velvet Caravan bassist.

Eric Dunn, bassist for Velvet Caravan, is one of the most talented musicians in Savannah, and also one of the funniest, charming, charismatic … err, he can pay us later for the plugs! Seriously though, Eric is a great guy to hang out with and paint the town.

So, how well do you actually know Eric?

1. Eric is from ...

Correct! Wrong!

2. His first intro to music ...

Correct! Wrong!

3. His influences ...

Please select 4 correct answers

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4. He's in which bands ...

Please select 2 correct answers

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5. He loves ...

Correct! Wrong!

6. He drinks ...

Correct! Wrong!

7. His favorite gig ...

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8. He really drinks ...

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9. He also plays ...

Please select 2 correct answers

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10. His favorite bar ...

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Eric Dunn

Nice shot, but try again ...

So you chatted with Eric by now, maybe even shared a laugh with him. Throw a few dollars in the tip jar and he might open up more ...

Eric might be an acquaintance of yours ...

We're guessing you've probably hung out with Eric a time or two, right? You may not now everything about him, but you probably know him better than some.

You must be Eric's best friend!

You guys must do everything together, drink, watch tv, go see movies, double date, etc. Cheers!

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