QUIZ: Ben Keiser

Get to know this jammin' guitarist.

Guitarist Ben Keiser has worked with nearly every major name in Savannah it seems. When he’s not making a guest appearance in-studio or traveling the country, you can find him holding court either at Bay Street Blues or Boomys every week.

So, how well do you actually know Ben?

1. Ben's from ...

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2. Ben's love of music started ...

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3. Ben’s influences ...

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4. Ben’s favorite food ...

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5. Ben’s favorite drink ...

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6. Ben's played guitar ...

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7. Ben’s favorite restaurant ...

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8. In another life Ben might be ...

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9. Ben’s favorite concert ...

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10. Ben’s plans for 2019 ...

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Ben Keiser

You don't know Ben that well at all ...

Really? Ben is a masterful guitar player who plays with a ton of Savannah musicians and gigs a lot around town. You should get out and see him more often.

Ben is an acquaintance of yours.

You might have said hello to Ben once or twice, but you should probably throw another dollar in the tip jar and see if he opens up to you some more.

You must be Ben's best friend!

Congrats! You and Ben probably pal around together everywhere you go. You go to all his gigs, and always buy him a drink afterwards.

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