QUIZ: In for a Penny

How much do you actually know about this Irish-Punk band?

In for a Penny are certainly one of Savannah’s most unique bands. They have rocked and drank nearly everywhere in Savannah the past five years, and have gained a great fan following as a result.

So, how well do you actually know In for a Penny?

1. Who founded In for a Penny?

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2. What year was the band formed?

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3. How did the band get its name?

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4. What genre of music do they play?

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5. Who are some of the band's biggest musical influences?

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6. Who loves to eat what ...

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7. Who loves to drink what ...

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8. How many albums have they recorded?

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9. What was the name of the first album?

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10. Where was the album recorded?

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In for a Penny

You don't know much about In for a Penny at all!

Seriously? Jeremy will give you one miiillllion dollars if you try again ...

Okay, so you know a little bit about the band ...

Looks like you know one or two of the guys and maybe even caught a show or two. Not bad.

You're a In for a Penny groupie!

Sláinte! Sean congratulates you.

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