Jacob Evans – Quiz

How well do you actually know this soulful singer?

Soul and pop artist Jacob Evans is known for his soulful voice and friendly demeanor.

So, how well do you actually know Jacob?

1. Where is Jacob from?

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2. Who are some of his biggest music influences?

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3. What other instruments does he play?

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4. He loves to eat ...

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5. He loves to drink ...

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6. How many albums has he released?

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7. What is the name of his first album?

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8. What is his favorite song to play?

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9. If he could play anywhere in the world, where would it be?

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10. How did he learn guitar?

Photo by Scott Siegel
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Jacob Evans

You don't know much about Jacob at all.

Seriously? He's all over the Savannah music scene these days.

You know a little bit about Jacob ...

You might have heard his name here and there, or seen him perform once.

You're a Jacob Evans groupie!

You've seen him perform dozens of times and chat with him after every show, congrats!

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