QUIZ: James Lee Smith

How well do you actually know the Voodoo Soup guitarist?

James Lee Smith is one of the best guitarists in Savannah. Over the years, he’s played with multiple bands including a Nickel Bag of Funk, Turtle Folk, the Band AMAR, and of course, Voodoo Soup. As a reult, the man has become known as a guitar master.

So, how well do you actually know James?

1. Where is James from?

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2. What was his earliest musical memory?

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3. Who are some of his musical influences?

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4. James loves to eat ...

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5. James loves to drink ...

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6. He's been playing guitar for ...

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7. His favorite guitar is ...

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8. His parents own ...

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9. He's been a member of which bands ...

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10. He performs weekly ...

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James Lee Smith

You don't know James that well at all ...

Come on, you can do better than that. You need to get out more ...

You know a little about James ...

Okay, so you've chatted with James before. Throw another dollar in the tip jar and he might open up more ...

You're an James Lee Smith super fan!

You know all of the bands James has performed with and seen a ton of his shows. You and James must be best friends, congrats!

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