QUIZ: Jason Bible

How well do you know the legendary Train Wrecks front man?

Jason Bible is the legendary front man for the equally legendary Train Wrecks. Bible and the band have been through a lot over the years, but one things for certain, Bible has grown as both a person and a songwriter, and has gotten better and wiser with age.

So, how well do you actually know Jason?

1. Jason's from ...

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2. First music memories ...

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3. Musical influences ...

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4. Favorite food ...

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5. Favorite drink ...

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6. First solo album entitled ...

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7. New solo album entitled ...

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8. Comes with new solo album ...

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9. Jason Bible and the Rights are ...

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10. Number of Train Wrecks albums ...

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Jason Bible

You don't know Jason that well at all ...

Come on, seriously? Jason and the Train Wrecks are Savannah legends, you should get out more ...

Jason is an acquaintance of yours.

Jason might know your name if you say hello, but throw a few more dollars in the tip jar and he might open up more ...

You must be Jason's best friend!

You've known Jason awhile, ever since he first started the Train Wrecks. Congrats!

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Self – 2 – 1 – 728 x 90