QUIZ: Jon Lee Murphy

How well do you actually know this soulful blues man?

Jon Lee Murphy is one of the most talented and electrifying artists Savannah has ever known. He’s an excellent songwriter, soulful singer, and his guitar skills are top notch.

So, how well do you actually know Jon Lee Murphy?

1. Where is Jon from?

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2. What is his earliest music memory?

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3. How did he learn to play guitar?

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4. Some of his biggest musical influences include ...

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5. He loves to eat ...

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6. He loves to drink ...

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7. He's performed with several bands, including ...

Photo by Sarah Dooley

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7. His band members often include ...

Photo by John Williams

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9. Where does he perform every Thursday night?

Photo by Ace Andersson
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10, And at what time?

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Jon Lee Murphy

You don't know Jon that well at all!

Really? The man is one of Savannah's most electrifying artists around. Try again ...

Okay, so you know Jon a little ...

You might have seen him perform before, and maybe even said hello to him. Not bad.

You're a Jon Lee Murphy super fan!

You're good friends with Jon and see him perform all the time, congrats!

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