QUIZ: Kyle Yardley

How well do you actually know this flashy harmonica blues man?

Photo by Ace Andersson

Kyle Yardley has become one of Savannah’s most entertaining, and best dressed, artists over the past few years. He’s often seen around town sitting in with other bands, and is also a regular at many Open Mic and Open Jam nights.

So, how well do you actually know Kyle?

1. Kyle is from ...

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2. He made his name in ...

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3. His influences ...

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4. He eats ...

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5. He drinks ...

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6. He also plays ...

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7. Helped get his start in Savannah ...

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Upon arriving in Savannah Kyle quickly befriended Ray Lundy of blues band Bottles & Can. The duo soon became good friends and even started performing together at many venues.

8. A relative does this ...

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9. Favorite late night snack spot ...

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10. He won an award at the Florida National Harp Championship ...

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Kyle Yardley

You don't know Kyle that well at all!

Nah, you can't hang with these guys just yet. Throw some more money in Kyle's tip jar and he might open up to you.

Kyle might be an acquaintance of yours ...

Hey hey, so you've had a drink with Kyle once, good for you. Stick around and maybe he'll open up more.

You might be Kyle's best friend!

Cheers to you and your friendship with Kyle! We're sure you'll be taking shots with him soon enough.

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