QUIZ: Levi Moore

Get to know this country singer/songwriter.

Over the last few years, country singer Levi Moore has earned a great reputation as a songwriter and performer. The man has had all kinds of interesting jobs over the years, and in-between gigging and making countless women swoon, Levi has built an extensive social network following as well.

So, how well do you actually know Levi?

1. Levi is from ...

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2. His interest in being a musician ...

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3. His influences ...

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4. He prefers ...

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5. He drinks ...

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6. His college major ...

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7. He once was ...

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8. In college he played ...

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9. He also once ...

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10. He's been a professional musician ...

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Levi Moore

You don't know Levi that well at all!

So you chatted with Levi by now, maybe even shared a laugh with him. Throw a few dollars in the tip jar and he might open up more ...

Levi might be an acquaintance of yours ...

We're guessing you've probably hung out with Levi a time or two, right? You may not now everything about him, but you probably know him better than some.

You must be best friends with Levi!

You must be really good friends with Levi, or at least hung out with him quite a bit. Maybe there's something about him we didn't know that you can tell us!

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