QUIZ: Lyn Avenue

How well do you actually know this talented country duo?

Lyn Avenue, the husband and wife country duo of CC Witt and Patrick Ellington, are well known in Savannah for their strong songwriting, polished sound, and feel-good performances. They have made quite a name for themselves, including a west coast tour, and recently at the CMA Fest Spotlight Stage in Nashville, TN.

So, how well do you actually know Lyn Avenue?

1. Lyn Avenue is from ...

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2. Their first intro to music ...

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3. Their influences ...

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4. They love eating ...

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5. They love drinking ...

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6. Their cat's name ...

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7. They started as pop/punk/rock band ...

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8. Their bassist is ...

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9. CC and Pat met ...

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10. Who has a special Birthday?

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Lyn Avenue

You don't know Lyn Avenue that well at all!

Aww, you're cute. You might have heard of us, but other than that, you have no clue. Try again ...

You might be an acquaintance of the band ...

We're guessing the band might recognize you at a gig, or even know your name. You may not now everything about the band, but you probably know them better than some.

You're totally a band groupie!

Congrats, you're best friends with the band. They're even inviting you on tour with them! Just kidding, but they appreciate you being a big fan.

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