QUIZ: Moss City Groove

How well do you actually know this fun, groovin band?

Moss City Groove is definitely a band that gets people moving and grooving. Not only are they comprised of three very talented musicians, but they are probably one of the most easy going bands in Savannah. They love to interact with their audience and are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet.

So, how well do you actually know Moss City Groove?

1. The band got its name ...

Correct! Wrong!

2. The backup name was ...

Correct! Wrong!

3. Their first gig was ...

Correct! Wrong!

4. Who's from the low country?

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5. Who served, what branch ...

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6. Who has a unique talent?

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7. A memorable performance was ...

Correct! Wrong!

8. Why was it memorable?

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9. Brandi also plays ...

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10. Everyone hates to play ...

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Moss City Groove

You don't know Moss City Groove that well at all!

You've probably heard of the band, or maybe even been at a bar while they were performing. Other than that, you have no clue. Try again ...

You might be an acquaintance of the band ...

We're guessing the band might recognize you at a gig, or even know your name. You may not now everything about the band, but you probably know them better than some.

You're totally a band groupie!

Congrats, you're best friends with the band! You show up at all their gigs, hang out with them during breaks, and even share a shot and a laugh with them.

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