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Ad Categories and Templates

General Brand Awareness

Perfect for featuring your brand slogan, years in business, location, awards, and much more.

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Template One:  970 x 250     300 x 600     300 x 250

Template Two:  970 x 250     300 x 600     300 x 250

Signature Dishes and Drinks

Feature the signature dishes and drinks that locals know, and tourists will come to love.

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Template One:  970 x 250     300 x 600     300 x 250

Template Two:  970 x 250     300 x 600     300 x 250

Live Music Events

Feature live music events such as recurring performances, open mics, open jams, or special performances.

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Template One:  970 x 250     300 x 600     300 x 250

Template Two:  970 x 250     300 x 600     300 x 250

Brand Merchandise

Feature your brand merchandise such as clothing, koozies, glassware, gift cards, or anything else with your logo on it.

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Template One:  970 x 250     300 x 600     300 x 250

Template Two:  970 x 250     300 x 600     300 x 250

Banner Ad Display Locations

Below Header

In-Between Sections

After Post Content

Before "More From"

Before "Don't Miss"

Top of Sidebar

Fixed Bottom of Sidebar



In-Photo Gallery

In-Long Post Content

Page Archives

Included Extra Features

Pre-Video Ad

Feature a 14 second ad with an image of your brand and an audio voice-over for new and previously published videos.

Pre-Audio Ad

Featured a 14 second ad before one audio file.

Pertains only to live performances, open mics, interviews, and jam session audio files.

Limited to 1-2 audio files per month.

Sell Brand Merchandise

We feature and promote your brand merchandise throughout our entire website, specifically on our main shop page.

Event Listings

List your live music events in our calendar of events.

Any live music event ad you have will link to your listed event in our calendar, or to an external URL of your choosing.

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Content That Keeps Visitors Browsing


High-quality audio featuring full length albums, live performances, open mics, and jam sessions.


Insightful interviews featuring Savannah artists, musicians, producers, and other music scene personalities.


Professional photos featuring live performances, jam sessions, open mics, open jams, festivals, special events, a Month in Photos review, and much more.


Fun and informative quizzes featuring Savannah music artists, musicians, venues, and much more.


HD, multi-camera videos of live performances of Savannah solo artists and bands, open mics, and jam sessions.


Growing collection of Savannah and regional solo artists and bands. Featuring informative bios and website links.


Informative calendar of recurring live music events, featuring descriptions and related media.


Affordable brand merchandise from your favorite Savannah artists, bars, restaurants, and other venues.

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Affordable Plans


Includes great extra features
$ 99
99 Month
  • Banner Ad Creation
  • 12 Banner Ad Display Locations
  • Pre-Video Ads
  • Pre-Audio Ads
  • Sell Brand Merchandise
  • Event Listings


A great start to spread brand awareness
$ 49
99 Month
  • Banner Ad Creation
  • 12 Banner Ad Display Locations

Frequently Asked Questions

A recurring monthly advertising subscription costs $99.99 per month for a Gold Plan, and $49.99 for a Silver Plan.

Your recurring monthly advertising subscription is divided into two parts, and includes the following:


– Four banner ad campaigns (one campaign per week)


– One pre-audio file

– One-pre-video file

– Retroactive pre-audio files, based upon availability

– Retroactive pre-video files, based upon availability

– Live music event listings

– Option to sell brand merchandise through our website

An ad campaign consists of a seven day calendar period where your chosen ad category is displayed with animated banner ads in multiple locations on our site.

You will get one ad campaign per week, for a total of four campaigns per month.

An ad category features one aspect of your overall brand, and is specifically designed to showcase information about that aspect of your brand.

We have divided the “brand” concept into four specific categories, which are as follows:


– Overall Brand

Feature your brand slogan, years in business, location, awards, etc.


– Signature Dishes and Drinks

Feature popular menu items, specials, etc.


– Live Music Events

Feature live performances, open mics, open jams, special performances, etc.


– Brand Merchandise

Feature any merch with your name and logo on it.

An ad template is a matching set of three ad sizes that are designed to showcase and feature ad categories.

Each ad category features two ad template sets.

For example, one template set for the “Brand” ad category showcases just your brand’s name and slogan, and does not include an image.

However, the second template set for the “Brand” ad category does not focus on your brand’s slogan, and instead, features an image, so the image is the primary focus.

Both templates feature aspects of your overall brand, but display it in two different ways.

You can choose one template per ad campaign.

Each ad template set comes in three ad sizes per set, which are 970 x 250, 300 x 600, and 300 x 250.

The process is broken down as follows:

1. You sign up for a recurring monthly advertising subscription to our site.


2. We contact you via email with questions to help us determine how to get the most out of your recurring monthly subscription.

3. These questions may include things such as what is most important to you as a business, or what aspect of your business would you like to promote and focus on, or do you have any upcoming special performances or events, or are you releasing a new product, or are you unveiling a new signature dish or drink, etc.

4. Once we receive your answers, we can analyze them and suggest the best ad categories to feature and which weeks to feature them, to help maximize whatever aspect of your brand you want to promote.  Or, if you already know what aspect of your brand you’d like to promote, you can tell us which ad category to feature and which week to feature it.

5. Once you decide which ad category to feature and what week to feature it, you can then choose which ad template set you’d like to use for your weekly campaign.

6. We then begin the process of creating your animated banner ads, based off of existing photos we find on either your website, your social media profiles, images you provide us with, or by taking new photos if needed.

7. To streamline the process, you can choose to let us randomly feature different ad categories with different ad templates each week, so that you never have to worry about anything, and the whole process is set to automatic.

This may sound like the easiest way to go about things, but we highly recommend that you put some thought into each weekly campaign so that you don’t miss an opportunity to promote an aspect of your brand by accident.

8. Once we create the ads for your weekly campaign, we share them with you for final approval.  If approved, we publish the weekly campaign.


Don’t worry, this part of your recurring monthly ad subscription is not as technical.

These extra features are automatically included in your recurring monthly ad subscription and are for the most part streamlined, with as little input needed as possible.

9. Once you sign up for a recurring monthly ad subscription to our site, we will automatically get started on creating your pre-audio ads and pre-video ads.

10. We may need some minor input from you such as approving what images to use for your pre-video ad, what performance to use for your video promo clip, and an updated live music event schedule.

Selling your brand merchandise through Savannah Jams is optional and not required.

We feature a “Shop” page on our site that lists your brand merchandise.

Each brand product has it’s own product page where visitors can learn more about your specific product and see related images if applicable.

Each product will have a “buy now” button on its individual product page.

Once clicked, the visitor will be redirected to a URL of your choosing so that the customer can purchase the actual product.

Although you can choose any URL to redirect to, we suggest that the provided URL redirects to the specific product on your brand website shop page.

Savannah Jams does not directly sell any product on our website and does not earn any commission through the purchase.

In addition to listing your merchandise on our shop page, we can also feature your product by highlighting a product at the bottom of a page or post and integrating a product into search results and category archive pages.

If you have any other questions, please email us at