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Eric Clark – Interview

Eric Clark – Interview

Jukeboxes, Bob Seger, and Preaching

Country, pop, rock, R&B, and soul artist Eric Clark is interviewed about his influences, life in the church, favorite places to play, and much more.

What first got you into music?

Oh man. My dad was a musician so I grew up in a jukebox!

Who are some of your influences?

That’s a broad stroke. My influences range from Bob Seger, Elvis, Skynyrd, Tina Turner, and pretty much anything 80’s. Of course, the 90’s hit me hard as well. I was obsessed with Hootie, Smashing Pumpkins, Better Than Ezra and on and on.

Eric Clark performing at the Shrimp Factory
Photo: Scott Siegel

Talk a bit about life as a preacher and the church …

Oh man! Creative Church was born after spending many years on the road preaching all around the States. I DID NOT start this church because I was bored. I literally felt led to plant this church and do it “exactly” as God showed me to do it with authenticity! 12 years later the church is thriving and growing like never before! I was born to preach and play music. I believe so strongly that every human being alive has a divine blueprint. God plucked me from nothing and nowhere! I came from nothing! My life is a miracle and I am grateful for it!

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

Tough one! Above all I’m going to have to go with “be real.” Realness doesn’t mean rudeness, but rather be YOU. I feel like authenticity outlives everything! I don’t believe people have a desire to invest in something fake. Be real. The world needs it!

Music is color blind, so I enjoy the gift of playing to everyone from every generation!

What draws you to your preferred genre?

Probably the roots of my soul. In other words, I grew up on soul, old country, pop and rock, so I draw my strength from “NOT” playing one set or style. Industries will put you in a box, but you don’t have to allow that. The crowds I play to enjoy the versatility! Music is color blind, so I enjoy the gift of playing to everyone from every generation!

How did you get your start in the Savannah music scene?

Well, honestly, I dug my way in. I literally went from place to place “begging” them to let me play one set for FREE. Yes, I just said that! Finally, a few places were like “Man, we want you to play here every week and we want to pay you!” I was blown away! So literally one spot at a time. I sent emails, made phone calls, until I got a few places to believe in me. It was toouuuuughhhhh!

Name a Savannah artist who you’d love to collaborate with, and why?

I only know a few personally. I see them on social media and there are so many great ones! I heard Mily Kinner a few months back playing an acoustic set. I love her sound. I feel like if she has an Adele sound but it’s mixed with soul, pop etc.! I don’t know much about her, other than IG. Great sound.

Honestly, I believe God is going to open huge doors for me. My job is to be ready!

What are some of your favorite local places to play?

I love Andaz. Glass front building so you get the vibe from City Market. Staff is great and I have worked hard to establish a good following there all the while keeping it fresh monthly! I love Peregrin rooftop, Plant Riverside District, Mansion on Forsyth, to name a few. Hey, but you can’t discount places like Shrimp Factory, River House, etc. Though they are a different atmosphere, sometimes they actually challenge you more. The intimate setting keeps you on your “A” game!

Your thoughts on the state of the Savannah music scene …

Well, I have to say, and yes it needs said, Scott Seigel deserves a standing ovation from every musician in our area. Don’t take this out Scott! What he does for the Savannah music scene cannot be bought! I love that guy! As far as the scene goes, I absolutely love Savannah and I think the diverse music of this place is literally a color wheel of art! You can find any type of melodic flow you want right here in Savannah!

Eric Clark holding a guitar

What’s next for you?

I feel like the wheels have just started to turn. I literally pulled my guitar out from under my bed a little over a year ago and said to myself, “Eric if you don’t do this, the dream you have is going to die”. That’s the moment I took my guitar to Savannah and started begging! I am literally living out my dream of doing music! I look back on me and I see the incredible growth in myself musically, vocally, and as a performer, and it brings me such joy!

Honestly, I believe God is going to open huge doors for me. My job is to be ready!

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