Rhett Coleman – Interview

Drummer Rhett Coleman of the psychedelic-rock band XuluProphet is interviewed about places he’d like to play, artists he admires, his current band, and much more.

Who would be in your Savannah All-Star band?

My favorite drummer in town is Larry Duff and I’d say Big E (Eric Moore) is my favorite bassist in town. I’d have a hard time with just what guitarist to pick, but the cool thing is you can see those guys together sometimes at the open jams around town. I got to jam for about ten mins with Big E and Zach Deputy one Wednesday night around 2 AM.

Favorite performances by other Savannah Artists …

I think the Cusses show at the Jinx after their long hiatus was one of my favorite local shows to date. I also enjoyed Bero Bero’s release at House of Strut.

It was the first time I realized I wasn’t going to have any issues with stage fright

If you could play anywhere in Savannah, no matter how crazy, where would it be?

I would play at the Round House. The first time I ever saw a band I’d only ever heard on the radio was playing there. Seven Mary Three was the first big show I got to attend.

Describe your first performance …

I started in church bands and I believe the first big gig I had was at the Strawberry Festival in Bloomingdale, GA (where I grew up) at Ottawa Farms. It was the first time I realized I wasn’t going to have any issues with stage fright.

Craziest performance you ever had …

On the road last year, one of the two nights we played in Houston was in the industrial part of town in this old warehouse filled with collections. I mean piles of that one doll, and piles of this old thing and that. All in a giant metal box with no AC, in July! We played mostly for the staff who, though friendly, made it clear it was time to go when we finished.

Favorite albums by other local artists …

I’m gonna have to say the Cusses again. Golden Rat has some great tunes, though Worst Enemy is still my personal favorite song.

How was your band formed?

I have played with XuluProphet for about three years now. It was formed by Xulu Jones years ago in another state and resurrected when he moved to Savannah about six years ago and met Oisin Daly. Oisin and I met through other work around the same time. So four drummers later for Xulu and Oisin, and five or so bands later for me, here we are.

Because drum sets don’t fit in pockets

Any secret music indulgences?

I carry an egg shaker with me at almost all times. So that my restless hands and over-active ears can engage rhythmically in a non disturbing way. Because drum sets don’t fit in pockets.


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