Ray Lundy – Interview

Band leader Ray Lundy, of veteran Savannah blues band Bottles & Cans, is interviewed about his musical influences, his band, an upcoming Neil Young tribute show, and much more.

What first got you into music?

I’ve always been musical, all my life. I was doomed from the start…it’s like John Lee Hooker said, “It’s in him and it’s got to come out, let that boy boogie woogie”.

Who are some of your influences?

Bob Dylan, Howlin’ Wolf, Neil Young, John Lee Hooker, Tom Waits…weird, old American music. That’s my short list.

Just like whores and old buildings, if you’re around long enough then you become respectable

What draws you to your preferred genre?

Blues music is the best. It contains a power that makes people feel better, this is a proven scientific fact…so, be sure to listen to your real folk blues like Howlin’ Wolf & Etta James & Muddy Waters at least once a week.

Talk a bit about your band Bottles & Cans …

It ain’t always easy but I like it and I’m awful lucky to still have it going. There’s been some top notch players that have come in and out of Bottles & Cans over the last twenty years that have taught me a lot. I’m grateful for all the music & gigs we’ve all played, for good or ill. Just like whores and old buildings, if you’re around long enough then you become respectable… I think Hunter Thompson said that somewhere but never mind.

How did you get your start in the Savannah music scene?

I started out in Savannah just like I did back in Las Vegas during the 90s, by going to an open jam night and meeting other players then starting a band together.

What was the craziest performance you ever had?

Well, my very first band (Blind Mellow Jelly) once played a battle of the bands event at a nudist colony down in Southern California, that’s the first one that comes to mind.

Name a Savannah artist who you’d love to collaborate with …

Collaborating with players that I don’t usually have the chance to work with is always a joy for me. In fact, I’m working together with a king sized cast of tremendous local musicians right now for a big Neil Young tribute show at Victory North. On the night before Thanksgiving, the 24th…Eric Britt, Ryan Kelly, Stan Ray, Andrew Sovine, Jared Hall, Kevin Rose, Eric Daubert, Joe Nelson, Aaron Zimmer, Matt Eckstine, Evan Rose, Amy Ochoa, Craig Johansen, Ty Thompson, Jalen Reyes, Becky Solis, The Marshall Brothers and Jason Bible are all in on this caper and we’ll more than likely have some special surprise guests make an appearance here and there, too. However, David Crosby has not returned any of my calls yet.

What? Is this a shameless plug? You bet it is and I’m quite proud to tell you all this here since it’s going to be a really spectacular show in a beautiful music venue. Go to victorynorthconcerts.com to get your tickets to A Dreamer Of Pictures-A Celebration Of Neil Young. Do it now since we might sell out, you do not want to miss this show.

I think our local music scene is still recovering slowly of course, but it’s about to be better than it’s ever been

What are some of your favorite local venues to play?

Some of my favorite local venues to play in town aren’t even around any more, but I love everywhere that I get to go to work. Tybee Island has some cool places having live music nowadays, too. I’m really excited to be playing at Victory North this month and there’s some other new venues in town that I’m looking forward to performing at in the near future. Of course, I think everybody already knows that I love Jazz’d Tapas Bar.

Your thoughts on the state of the Savannah music scene …

I think our local music scene is still recovering slowly of course, but it’s about to be better than it’s ever been.

What’s next for you?

Big doins, for sure. Recording another batch of songs, working more band shows along with solo gigs and quite possibly picking up some extra gigs with another new band next year.


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